The Deathly Hallows Mean So Much More

All Harry Potter fans know the tale of the three brothers who possessed the Deathly Hallows. In short, the three Peverell brothers met Death, and gained the Deathly Hallows from him: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak.

However, I stumbled upon an awesome fan theory that gives a new viewpoint on the beautiful symmetry within the Potterverse:

Voldemort, Snape, and Harry are amazingly similar to the Peverells.

Tom Riddle is obsessed with power, like the first brother

Voldemort is an analogue to the first brother, Antioch Peverell, who demanded the Elder Wand so that no other could defeat him. Voldemort chases power and mastery over other magic folk but – like Antioch – Death eventually claims him.


Snape mourns a lost love, like the second brother

Snape is channeling the second brother, Cadmus Peverell, who grasped the Resurrection Stone from Death to try to restore life to his deceased love. While Voldemort chases power, Snape is motivated by his love for Lily, just like Cadmus.


Harry greets death as an old friend, like the third brother

Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts
Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts

The third brother, Ignotus Peverell, knew he couldn’t cheat Death and didn’t try to. He asked for the Invisibility Cloak, hiding from Death until it was his time – just like Harry. When the moment comes, Harry is ready to face death. In not desperately trying to avoid Death, he keeps safe – just like Ignotus.


Voldemort, Snape, Harry = Analogues of The Peverells.

Artwork: mad42sam at DeviantArt
Artwork: mad42sam at DeviantArt

Also, Dumbledore taught all three in the same sequence as Death met the Peverells…


OK, got it? It gets even better. Dumbledore is even more of a complex analogue.

Dumbledore is all three…

In his youth, he hungered for power

Can you imagine young Dumbledore, testing the limits of his powers, marauding around with Grindelwald and seeing what he can achieve in the headiness of youth?


Then, he suffered terrible heartbreak

His sister died, and this is something Dumbledore carries through his whole life. It’s possibly the greatest testimony to Dumbledore’s character that he never tries to bring her back, though he has the power to do so.


He cheats Death many times until he welcomes it as an old friend

Dumbledore has had the Invisibility Cloak for years although, as he tells us, ‘I don’t need a cloak to become invisible.’ When he faces death, he’s ready.


Dumbledore the only one to possess all three Deathly Hallows

He got the Elder Wand from Grindelwald, found the Stone inside the Gaunt ring and got the Cloak after the death of James and Lily Potter. If you wanna be super precise about it, he borrowed Harry’s cloak in The Half Blood Prince, so he even even possessed them all at the same time.


Personally, I like this theory because it’s an admiration of the beautiful symmetry that runs through the Harry Potter books, rather than some earth-shattering claim.

And, y’know, ’cause I think Dumbledore is awesome and I can’t get enough of hearing about him! What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Voldemort-Snape-Harry = analogues of the Peverells Theory. Right or Wrong?

Whats gonna make you click on the ‘read more’ button?

You’re reading these words now.You just cant stop.These words are slowly and slowly altering into your mind and your waiting for whats gonna come next.What am i gonna say after each word i say?,You wonder.You also wonder how you just cant stop reading this cause it might be too convincing and MYSTERIOUS,if i would say…

Did i just make you click on that ‘read more’ button? Hell yeah i did.This shows how a very interesting and persuasive text can just carry your mind in just a snap.

Anyways,You just wasted your time reading this.


Assassins Creed Rogue

Many people may say that assassins creed rogue is a black flag 2. But there are some differences that make it differ from black flag. The one big one of course is that you are a templar hunting assassins. After a mission goes sour and Shay Patrick Cormac,our main character, is betrayed he goes to the templars looking for redemption and promises to hunt down all the assassins in north america. You  also get an air rifle which is a rifle that shoots the same ammunition as a blow pipe in assassins creed black flag which is pretty much the same thing only the air gun can go farther. Since Shay is not a pirate his motives will be different. He probably wont spend as much time looking for money considering he has plenty of it since the templars have almost unlimmited wealth.You can still loot chests and steal but finding money wont be as stressed like it was in black flag because ,again, you have lots of money. Besides the fact that you still have to gain money to upgrade your ship which is pretty stupid considering again you work for a group that is very very rich but whatever. once you FINALLY get enough money to upgrade your ship you can get the newest weaponry from the age. You can have puckle guns, an ice ram, carronades, burning oil, broadside cannons, and mortars,these last two arent very new,. I wont go into detail on what all of these do but you can look it up yourself.You can also be boarded by other ships if they ram you.To my knowledge, I dont know if we will be able to board other people but it is highly likley. You are also set in 3 different locations:The American River Valley,Newyork,and the north atlantic. I hope this has helped you ,if you dont already know , with findig out about rogue. I probably missed something but ill be covering more things throughout the month.


The Blind Warrior

Felix slowly stumbles into her silent room trying not to be noticed,She’s the blind girl living in the neighborhood.

Felix knows that he’ll be in big trouble if he gets back home to his harsh father with a big mess.

He was avoiding the blood gushing out from his neck,Making it Extremely Painful.

He needed help.He couldn’t feel his own body progress,His skin was turning paler and paler.

He’s sneaking behind her back to grab something,Taking advantage of the fact that she’s blind;but then…

“What do you want? Who are you?” She questions him


“I can hear you breathing.” Athena interrupted “And i can smell your blood…Come here,let me handle that for you,shall i?”

He approaches her and hesitates for a awhile.

“Whats your name?”

“Im Athena” She replied while socking a wet towel around his wound.

As Felix and Athena create an unbreakable bond,he soon finds out that she is the girl who soon will be a warrior…

A Legend.


71 Thoughts That Overwhelm You When You Get Your Hogwarts Letter

1. ……………it says it’s from Hogwarts………..
4. (at the ripe old age of 25 but w/e it’s happening)
5. Ew I’m gonna be the skeezy adult that hangs out with children all the time.
6. Like every vampire show.
7. And that one about teen wolves.
8. Does that make me the hot one?
9. I’m totally the hot one.

10. Whatever I bet there’s a special class of adult magic learners just like me who are ~ cool ~.
11. Omg I’m gonna throw up.
12. Is excitement vomit acceptable if it’s not a children’s birthday party?
13. I should get it out now so I don’t do it in front of my cool new classmates.
14. Please dear god put me in Slytherin.
15. I can probably just ask the Sorting Hat to put me in Slytherin.
17. I guess Ravenclaw would be cool too.
18. And I wouldn’t have to live in the dungeons.
19. Which is whack, Salazar Slytherin would never build his house in the least defensible position at Hogwarts.
21. * deep breath * It doesn’t matter what house I get sorted into, what matters is that I make the most of this magical opportunity.
23. Er, witch.
24. I wish I could yell that in Harry Potter’s face just like Hagrid.

26. Gotta get that celeb creep selfie.
27. #grownassmanwholived
28. Bet he aged well.
29. I wonder who else aged well?
30. P R O F E S S O R L O N G B O T T O M
31. Gotta take herbology.
32. Gotta find a herbology ~ connection ~.
33. I can probably just ask the first Hufflepuff I see.
34. Damn I should just be in Hufflepuff, they’re the stoner house AND they live right next to the kitchens.
35. Muggle. Fucking. Treats.
36. How many Chocolate Frogs can I fit in my mouth at once?
37. I cannot wait to try that during a midnight kitchen raid.
38. Probably after an epic Quidditch match that I won.
39. Who am I kidding, there’s no spell that makes you coordinated and super good at sports.
40. RIP Quidditch superstar fantasies.

41. I should be more worried about schoolwork than sneaking out to Hogsmeade anyway.
42. Except for Divination, ugh.
43. It’s the wizarding equivalent of a high school Poetry class.
44. Just sound as pretentious as possible while analyzing “The Raven”/some dank ass tea leaves, you’ll pass.
45. But I’m actually pretty fucking hyped for Transfiguration.
46. You can just call me: THE FULL-METAL ALCHEMIST.
47. * handclaps * water to wine * handclaps * steel to gold * handclaps * owl to dog
48. Ugh why owl when you can email?
51. Then I can run through the Forbidden Forest with wild abandon.
52. Ew how many couples are going to be having sex out there?
53. Because let’s get real that’s why the forest is really forbidden.
54. [insert Whomping Willow joke here]
55. Damn what if I’m something lame like a rat though?
56. I’LL NEVER BE LIKE PETTIGREW, I AIN’T NO SNITCH. (unless there is a magical spell that makes me supercoordinated, and then I’ll be all up in that snitch business)
57. Straight up Order of the Phoenix son.
58. And Dumbledore’s Army.
59. OOOOOO wait, do they still meet in the Room of Requirement?

60. What’s the Room of Requirement going to look like for me?
61. An open bar in a library.
62. With a fireplace.
63. And a glass ceiling that has a perfect view of the comsos.
64. omg omg omg omg I CAN’T WAIT TO GO TO HOGWARTS
65. My life is literally perfect right now.
66. * studies letter * wait…….
67. This is an online course. – __ -
68. Am I going to the Phoenix University of Hogwarts?
69. :’(